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finally Getting some radio time?

Posted on: 2014-01-21T22:46:00.002-08:00
Well Feindlings it looks like I'm going to have a track or two played this coming friday on an internet radio station. (link below) beyond that there really isn't much to update on. those of you who care, probably keep up at the sound cloud. those of you who don't have already choked. umm... yea that's about it.

expect more soon... I'll eventually package the large amounts of crap I'm tossing up now into some neat little albums and post about it on here like I always do... until then...



Spraypaint & Razorblades

Posted on: 2013-08-10T04:02:00.002-07:00
It's official! it's done. have at it. it's in the albums section... do what you do... I'll upload it elsewhere later ... enjoy // choke ~griff


Posted on: 2013-08-09T03:42:00.002-07:00
doing some finishing touches to the new album... won't be long now... anticipate//choke ~griff

Spraypaint and Razorblades
Download this album

01. Drift [MP3]

02. Float [MP3]

03. Decay [MP3]

04. Contemplations [MP3]

05. Lithium lullaby [MP3]

06. Defiance [MP3]

07. The Wizard [MP3]

08. Scratches [MP3]

09. Signal [MP3]

10. Hope[less] [MP3]

Download this album

01. Abuse Me [MP3]

02. GroundSwell [MP3]

03. Braver [MP3]

04. DarkSider (Shadenfist Remix) [MP3]

05. Watch The World Burn [MP3]

06. TakeOver [MP3]

07. Rising Tides [MP3]

08. Dirge [MP3]

09. Whispers [MP3]

The Black City
Download this album

01. Echos [MP3]

02. Atom [MP3]

03. Reflections That Bleed [MP3]

04. The Lab [MP3]

05. Visions [MP3]

06. Tyranny [MP3]

07. The End Game [MP3]

08. Fighting Myself [MP3]

09. Dirt [MP3]

10. Tyrant (After-the-fall Remix) [MP3]

Download this album

01. Emerge [MP3]

02. Sine Luminis [MP3]

03. [I am] The Villain [MP3]

04. Feed [MP3]

05. release [MP3]

06. aftermath [MP3]

07. animus refero [MP3]

08. Submerge [MP3]


0. [MP3]

01. All Is Lost [MP3] | [OGG]

02. Civil Unrest [MP3]

03. Nocturne [MP3]

04. Obsess To Death [MP3]

05. Crush [MP3]

06. Sinthetik [MP3]

07. Maelstrom [MP3] | [OGG]

08. 8 Bit Glitch [MP3]

09. Binary Soul [MP3]

10. Blink [MP3] | [OGG]

11. Steam [MP3]

Worse for Wear
Download this album

01. In Absinthia [MP3]

02. E.F.M. [MP3]

03. Season Of My Discontent [MP3]

04. Et Tenebris [MP3]

05. Sweat and Gasoline (Fetish Mix) [MP3]

06. Love The Bomb [MP3]

07. Beneath waves [MP3]

Download this album

01. Catoptrophobia [MP3]

02. Eden [MP3]

03. Hi beams [MP3]

04. circling the epicenter [MP3]

05. My Monster [MP3]

06. The Voices [MP3]

07. Breaking Sound [MP3]

08. Anjealousy [MP3]

09. A dark Passanger [MP3]

10. Lost in thought (Memories) [MP3]

Cityscene and Morphine Dreams
Download this album

01. Keyhole [MP3]

002. Cold keys and wet streets [MP3]

03. The Way She Bleed [MP3]

04. so i heard you survived [MP3]

05. Static cleansing [MP3]

06. Siphon [MP3]

07. Burning for you [MP3]

08. A Simple Question [MP3]

09. Love The Bomb [MP3]

4/20 Special
Download this album

01. Rolling [MP3]

02. Smoke [MP3]

Fistful of Feathers

01. Agression [MP3]

02. A dark Passanger [MP3]

03. Angore [MP3]

04. Anjealousy [MP3]

05. A New Monster [MP3]

06. A Simple Question [MP3]

07. Bullet Proof [MP3]

08. Breaking Sound [MP3]

09. Cyber Monk [MP3]

10. Confessions of a thought Criminal [MP3]

11. Drum [MP3]

12. Dirty Distraction [MP3]

13. Dangerous Groups [MP3]

14. Darkness In the SouthEast [MP3]

15. Empath [MP3]

16. Eden [MP3]

17. Field of Lillies (Crushed LIlies Remix) [MP3]

18. Haze [MP3]

19. Last Call (Insignia Remix) [MP3]

20. Lost in thought (Memories) [MP3]

21. Love The Bomb (5 Mega Tonne ReMix) [MP3]

22. Love The Bomb [MP3]

23. My Monster [MP3]

24. the simple question [MP3]

25. Panic [MP3]

26. RXDiety (last Call Insignia Mix) [MP3]

27. so i heard you survived [MP3]

28. Spirals [MP3]

29. Sweat and Gasoline (Fetish Mix) [MP3]

30. The Break Down [MP3]

31. The Beast Rises [MP3]

32. the dream to dream liver [MP3]

33. The Last Rays [MP3]

34. Transmissions [MP3]

35. The Way She Bleeds [MP3]


01. The Beast Rises [MP3]

02. Epilogue [MP3]


I can feel myself being lifelessly dragged across the thick decaying leaves. The canopy above me though bear only provides a view of the thick storm clouds above. Perhaps an ominous homage of things to come. My heart sinks as the cool stone kisses my back. I attempt to scream but my body ignores my efforts. Betrayed by my own muscles. The smell of camphor wafts through the forest kindly masking the sickly sweet stench of blood that lingers here.

I try to close my eyes. to ignore this. but I'm not afforded that luxury. the drug is still in control. and forcing me to watch. their hideous masks loom over me. The vicious fanged maw of an Oni, A hand crafted leather mask with stitches for eyes and a crude gash for a mouth, and a pair of white-faced twins stare from just beyond my line of sight. I can feel them tighten my bonds. as if I could move anyway.

I slow my breathing, and try to regain my composure. it's not to late. there must be a way out. there's always a way out.
I try to think. my mind races as they raise the kryss. it's twisted ebony blade covered in runes and symbols. though I can't move I feel a definite chill run down my spine. I try to close my eyes, to wince, to cry, but nothing happens. I watch helplessly as I'm impaled.

Then I wake up. Another bad trip. I don't even know why I do it anymore. I started dusting as an escape. my world sucks, Correction, the whole world sucks. and some of us have decided to ignore it. but my trips aren't really any better than the shit I'm already knee deep in.

hell one trip last week had me trying to dust mid-trip. trying to escape my escape I guess. am I really that fucked up?
The bag was a full ounce this morning. now it's a measly 8 grams and it's only half past seven. Addicted is an understatement. and the trips are only lasting a few minutes now where they used to be hour long journeys. are the drugs getting weaker? a shittier cut perhaps? Nah, I know my dealer he's about the cleanest dealer you can find in new new Orleans.

Maybe it's time to try that new synth shit. I'd given it a shot before. but it's worse than the others. leaves your strung out for days. Shaking, barely able to speak. and they say it does things to your spine. like permanent shit. nah. I need a fix. something stronger sure. but that's overkill. not like I could afford it anyway. hell I'm already having to sell my conscious cycles for a what little dust I can get my hands on.

I could take up writing again. Bah, who am I kidding. I haven't even cobbled together a single legible sentence in years let alone anything worth reading. I used to be a hot shot journalist until the blogs wiped out the press. Yea I suppose I could have taken up blogging at one of those Blogfarms but to be honest there's something about seeing your words in print. that just makes it all worth it. the feel of the paper. the smell of the ink. the carefully structured columns all beckoning back to a simpler time.

I snort another hit of dust. reminiscing only makes things worse. I can't go back because there's nothing to go back to.
nothing to go back to without the dust. the world fades into black. slowly it's replaced with a spinning void. my emotions flooding over me in waves. shapes slowly form building in the foreground while lines dredge up cityscapes behind them. sepia tones dance lazily over the images. an old gumshoe walks the beat, he tips his hat at me and winks. then the whole world collapses on it's self.

'Incoming call from Roger' my embedded display blinks over my field of vision.

I pickup with a flick of my wrist.

"this better be important fuckwad, you just killed my buzz..." his image blinks into view as the cold cruel world fades back into existence.

"I've got something new... something better. Something we can make..."

FeverDream [wip]

They used to say you couldn't feel radioactivity in low concentrations. but that was before the blast. now there are those of us who not only feel it but see it, hell there are some of us who claim they can smell it. It's my personal theory that since our bodies need it now, some of us evolved ways to get back to the glow. They call us seekers. and trust me when I say you haven't even imagined danger until you're faced with a room of 30 hungry seekers while you're holding the only giger positive metal in a 10 mile radius. My head was pounding, and it wasn't like I could really draw on the rads from the fucking ring anyway, if it showed up empty the Alpha would know. and he'd do a lot more than take it out of my cut. I scanned the room for an exit, sure there were ways out, It was an aircraft hanger, there were several doors, but most of them were currently occupied with hungry looking, well armed adolescents I was fucked. I closed my eyes and bit my lip. I was trying to pray, but it's exceptionally difficult to focus when you're surrounded by heaving masses of flesh that want to destroy you. All that noise. Their breaths echoed hard against the metal wall, the sounds pressed against me in deafening waves. then they were slowly replaced by the high pitched whine of a petrol motor. not just any petrol motor either, it was a souped up 4 stroke 125cc Zx1 that I'd recognize anywhere. That was my bike! the left wall of the hanger let out a horrible moan as it gave way to an Alli mounted dirt bike with a handlebar mounted assault rifle that until now had been relatively untested. Alli loved to test things on the fly, he also loved waiting until the last possible moment to "save the day". he attributed it to his 'flair for the dramatic' personally I just think he gets a kick out of seeing me wet myself. I flung myself against his back and clung to the warm leather of his duster. "GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE ALREADY!" he let out a smug grunt I could all but hear him grinning. The mounted rifle let out a burst of fire as he brought the little engine back into motion with a Growl he muttered "you ready?" the bike burst into motion as he flung the front end into the now perforated tin that used to be a wall, it bent with a crunch and we were through, the arid air of the desert filled my lungs. the cloud of dust would have slowed them down a bit. but that wasn't exactly much of a plan. these seekers wouldn't give up. and Alli knew it. which is why i didn't protest when he ditched the bike at the first sign of civilization. The years had not been kind to the tiny shell station that stood before us, but it was still standing. So with the bike tucked neatly into it's already ransacked garage, we started walking.